An impressive shark rescue at the Jersey Shore was captured by onlookers on Sunday afternoon.

A relaxing day at the beach turned to panic when lifeguards started frantically blowing their whistles and telling swimmers to get to shore. A sand shark was spotted heading for the beach with vacationers in its direct path.

While sand sharks aren't nearly as dangerous as a great white, they're still not something you want swimming around you as your'e splashing around and having fun.

As the shark headed to shore a lifeguard approached it in hopes of rescuing the animal that seemed to be in distress. That's when a bystander sprung into action and did something pretty incredible.

The bare-handed catch of this shark was just the beginning of the show. Soon after capturing the shark, the brave bystander attempted to release it into the sea. Struggling to make it out far enough from shore, another lifeguard sprung into action making a daring rescue of not just the shark, but the bystander as well.

Check out this incredible rescue for yourself:

This all happened near Beach Haven, New Jersey on Long Beach Island. Sharks are common to this area of the Jersey Shore but rarely come this close to shore.

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