I wish this was available when I got mine. Introducing the all new Amazon Alexa for Southerners! I know when I got mine it took awhile for Alexa to understand me, she was constantly repeating herself or would verbally auto-correct what I was saying into what she thought I was saying. Needless to say it was a little frustrating. I know this is a joke, but wouldn't it be cool if they could actually do this? It would definitely make things easier, especially when you first get starting using Alexa.

These hands free just speak to it and tell it what you want kind of devices are everywhere these days, maybe you even have on yourself. They're very convenient and provide an easy way to quickly connect to just about everything. You can control your entire house with it from lighting, temperature and security systems to your entertainment center. You can play music with it, add items to your shopping cart, ask questions and more!

It might be a little scary at first. All you can think of is George Orwell's 1984 and wondering if there's some truth to it after all. Not to mention all the other science fiction books, movies and TV shows that talk about computers and robots taking over the world. Then you start using it and realize that it's awesome, and if Alexa did ever have thoughts of world domination you could just end it with a hammer!

Speaking of Alexa, we're now available on all Amazon Alexa devices: Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show. So now you can listen to your favorite station using Alexa!

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