Universally across Oklahoma, we're all looking forward to a break in the hot weather.

Scratch that... Non-pool people are looking for a break to the heat. My swimming-is-life family is pretty excited they might get to swim up until October this year, but I wouldn't wager a bet on that given the latest forecast.

We might be in the final week of summer across Oklahoma, and it's not giving up the high temps easily.

This all stems from a meteorologist on TikTok who went on the record about how this might be the most miserable week for most of the US, but also summer's last hurrah.

@ryanhallyall.ytbThe Worst Heat Wave Of The Year Is Coming

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What most of the Midwest refers to as extremely high temps, Oklahoma and Texas know it all as the usual summer heat. 105° is a welcome change to the August we had.

The most recent forecast reflects the last big heat bump of the summer, but also a promising indication of when fall will arrive in the Sooner State.


Even the National Weather Service is in agreeance with The Weather Channel on this.

How does it go in normal years?

I've talked about this with several native and adopted Okies today and nobody can really define what a normal year is for Oklahoma. Sometimes we get a cool fall starting in September, but other years fall doesn't come until New Year's. I've taken the kids trick-or-treating in the snow before, but also in 100° weather.

2020 was a standout year for fall across the Sooner State. The California wildfires provided a literal smokescreen for a lot of the country. I think SWOK recorded one day over 100° that year and a fall that turned jacket-cool really early.

In 2021, warmer fall temperatures lingered on in the mid and upper 80s until New Year's Eve when the bottom dropped out and plunged the state into a freak ice storm.

Time will tell what our wild weather will do. The same TikTok meteorologist predicted a spring-like and very tornado-active fall for Oklahoma due to El Nino, but we'll see how that pans out.

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