Imagine if you will... A redneck wins the lottery and becomes a cultured individual. But we both know, you can take the redneck out of the backwoods, but you can't take the backwoods out of the redneck... Traveling the world, he realizes he has the funds now to create the ultimate motorhome. It's part boat, part van, and ridiculously awesome.

It's called a "Boaterhome." For better or worse, it's a boat trailer that you can drive seemingly effortlessly nationwide.

I think I first saw this in a monthly edition of Truckin' magazine back when customizing trucks was all the rage. This is back when 17" wheels were huge, trucks were slammed on the ground, and if you didn't have Street Scene mirrors that were too small to see out of, it just wasn't a finished rig.

I remember thinking "How cool is that?" I mean, it's a boat and a motorhome all in one. You just pull up to the campsite, pay, sleep overnight, then unload this thing directly into the water the next morning. It's the one boat trailer that nobody has trouble with backing it down the ramp... but there is a catch. You have to have deep pockets to have a rig like this. Not because it's super fancy, ultimately, it's reasonably affordable... But traveling from lake to lake, you can't expect more than mid-to-low single digit mileage, and you know Elon Musk isn't looking to break into the Boaterhome market.

Still, getting to see it featured somewhere online twenty years later is a trip down memory lane. If you're lucky enough to own a nice vehicle at any point in your life, remember, there is nothing attractive about "custom" vehicles. It may look cool now, but Google some turn-of-the-century custom trucks. They look stupid now, and you're guaranteed to feel the same way in five or ten years about the "mods" you're thinking about doing now.

Stock vehicles that perform are what never go out of style.

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