Can you believe it's been 21 years since this holiday classic hit small screens all over the US? It doesn't really seem like that long ago until you put it into perspective... It aired in a different century... Wild. I know.

If you can leave politics out of seeing this nowadays, I think you'll agree, this might be the best sketch this failing show has ever put on the air. Schweddy balls, it was brilliant tongue-in-cheek writing, and impeccable poise and acting by those on stage.

SNL has since tried to recreate the same magic with other 'Delicious Dish' sketches, but even the Betty White 'Dusty Muffin' bit can't hold a candle to Pete's Schweddy Balls.

By the way, if you want, there are a ton of epic Schweddy Ball recipes online. Find one, try it, master it, then serve it. Don't ever serve your first attempt. That's just bad manners.


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