Big Fight Breaks Out Between Women at Houston Gas Station!

A wild incident recently broke out at a gas station in Houston, Texas.

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A group of women got into a big argument and it turned into a fight. The video at the bottom of this article should be watched with viewer discretion because it contains violence and one rascal ends up in her bra.

It's Poppin' Off!

The recording shows the women hitting each other and yelling obscenities. It's hard to determine if this is a free-for-all or if teams are involved.


What Did You Say?

There's a lot of yelling and cursing, but It's hard to make out what anybody is saying. It doesn't sound like compliments, that much is for sure.


Break It Up

After a while, a couple of fellas jump in and attempt to break things up, but they end up falling to the ground and getting tangled up in the ladies' mess.


After a while, someone called the police. But by the time they got there, the women had stopped fighting and left.

Thankfully, nobody got seriously hurt. But it's a reminder that fights can happen when people get really mad, and it's not always easy to stop them.

Check out the video below:

Here are five effective ways to de-escalate a fight:

  1. Stay Calm and Controlled: Your demeanor can influence the situation greatly. Speak in a calm, steady voice, and try to maintain a relaxed posture. If you appear agitated or confrontational, it can escalate tensions further. Take deep breaths to regulate your own emotions.
  2. Listen Actively: Often, conflicts arise from misunderstandings or unaddressed grievances. Allow each party to express their concerns without interruption. Show empathy and validate their feelings by paraphrasing what they've said. This demonstrates that you're willing to understand their perspective, which can help diffuse anger.
  3. Find Common Ground: Look for points of agreement or shared interests between the conflicting parties. Highlighting common goals or values can shift the focus from confrontation to cooperation. By emphasizing mutual understanding and respect, you can redirect the energy towards resolving the issue peacefully.
  4. Offer Solutions: Once you've understood the root cause of the conflict, propose practical solutions that address everyone's needs. Encourage compromise and negotiation rather than insisting on one party's victory. Brainstorming together fosters a sense of collaboration and empowers both sides to find a resolution they can accept.
  5. Suggest a Time-out or Break: Sometimes, emotions can become overwhelming, making productive communication difficult. If tensions remain high despite your efforts, suggest taking a short break or time-out to cool down. Encourage both parties to step away from the situation temporarily and reconvene when they're calmer and more composed.

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