It's one of Oklahoma's oldest unexplained mysteries, and it remains a hotly debated topic to this day. Have you ever heard of the Heavener Runestone? Some say it's proof that the Vikings actually made it as far inland as Oklahoma, others say it's a modern rune that was carved in the late 1800s by early Scandinavian settlers.


You can find this amazing artifact at Heavener Runestone Park located in Heavener, OK. It was once a state park, it's now overseen by a non-profit 501c3 organization. The park features 55 acres with lots of hiking trails, camping both primitive and RV, picnic areas, a seasonal waterfall, and the Heavener Runestone.

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The runestone is one of the largest of its kind and has been permanently housed inside the Heavener Runestone Park museum and gift shop to protect it from the elements and vandalism. You can walk through the Heavener Runestone then hit the trails for a quick hike, maybe go on a picnic, or plan a campout.


It's an amazing place and one of the most beautiful parks in Oklahoma with tons of history. So what's the big mystery or argument about the Heavener Runestone? Some say the cravings date back to 600AD to 800AD. While some say it's more modern and the runes were carved sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

Watch the video below from Discover Oklahoma about the Heavener Runestone

There are several videos on YouTube that detail the Heavener Runestone and its creation. A lot of people are convinced that they are Nordic, or of Viking origin. The runes have been studied by historians and archeologists along with other experts. No real evidence supports or proves that the runes are Norse, but all same it doesn't disprove it either. So it's still being debated and argued to this day. What do you think?


Either way, it looks like a great place to visit, maybe even take a staycation or weekend getaway. I'd like to see the Heavener Runestone for myself along with some of the other artifacts that are on display at the park. For more information and to plan your visit to Heavener Runestone Park check out the official website. You can also check them out on Facebook. I'm thinking this fall would be a good time to head that way.

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