Over the weekend, Oklahoma experienced several crazy storms! On Saturday, August 12, storms started in the late afternoon and continued through the evening with crazy lightning. Several reports throughout the state indicated lightning strikes hitting the ground, and one tree in Indiahoma, Oklahoma, that was struck by lightning actually went up in flames.

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These weekend storms definitely caught people by surprise. As they rolled through, they brought with them high winds, hail, heavy rain, A LOT of lightning and even a few tornadoes. Some storm chasers were near Walters, Oklahoma, during the storms and caught video of a lightning show that revealed a tornado!

Some Oklahomans were even able to get photos of lightning striking the ground during the storms. When lightning hits the ground, it's unlike anything you've ever heard. It sounds like the biggest boom you've ever heard - louder than what you hear when living next to a military base. And lightning strikes typically cause significant damage, especially if they hit a house! We're not sure where this lightning strike hit in Altus, Oklahoma, but it sure is a beautiful picture.

The Indiahoma Fire Department recently shared a picture of a tree that was struck by lightning when they responded to a call during this weekend's storms. It looks like something straight out of the movies, like if the whole movie took place in hell. Or if you're familiar with Netflix's "Stranger Things," this could definitely be in The Upside Down.


The National Weather Service in Norman even shared the image to their social media pages calling it "an incredible image." Check it out below!

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