Nothing like a late night Whataburger run, but this dude probably should have just gone home to bed.

In Not Shocking News, Someone Was Messed Up at Whataburger

Let's be honest, once you get past midnight. Some pretty messed up people are going to Whataburger. I'm sure you have some late night folks that just got off work and want to eat. I would say the vast majority want some food to absorb the alcohol they drank that night or they got the munchies. Looks like one Wichita Falls man had the munchies early this morning.

Everyone Meet Julius Wilson

Photo Courtesy of Wichita County Jail
Photo Courtesy of Wichita County Jail

This morning police were called to the Whataburger off of Central Freeway around 1 AM because someone was in the drive thru line not moving. Could have been a medical emergency, but nope. When police showed up on the scene they found the passed out driver behind the wheel and officers spotted a small bag of marijuana. Mr. Wilson also allegedly had a handgun underneath his floorboard in the vehicle as well. If that was not enough charges for Mr. Wilson, he also allegedly resisted arrest when officers tried to place him in the police cruiser.

Full Charges and Bond for Julius Wilson

Mr. Wilson has now been charged with possession of marijuana under two ounces, resisting arrest, and unlawful carrying of a weapon. His bonds totaled $5,500. I believe holding up a Whataburger drive thru should also be a federal crime in Texas, but I don't make the laws in this state. If any politician wants to get that on the books, you got my vote.

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