Before the turn of the century, I think the vast majority of people figured we'd all be jetting around in flying cars by 2020. It was so far off in time, and possibilities were endless. I just knew that full meals would be in pill form and my motorcycle would fold up into a briefcase. (that's a hard case laptop bag FYI) And jet packs... Jet packs were going to be everywhere!

Skip forward to now, and jet packs, while not an everyday occurrence in seeing them, they are around. Of course, they're not the futuristic people transporters we expected, but you can fly around a bit with enough mechanical engineering and physics expertise. It's also not at all like we all dreamed it would be like in The Rocketeer. Still, it's pretty cool that some of the more ballsy humans are still pushing this technology into a legit Ocho sport! Jet pack racing! Where can I get one?

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