I was just reminiscing about some of my favorite places that are no longer open in Lawton, Fort Sill. Like me, I'm sure you have a list of businesses and restaurants that you loved but sadly are no longer with us.


Some closed due to economic reasons, and others closed due to retirement or to make room for something else. While we've certainly seen a lot of growth recently and have quite a few new places to shop, eat and hang out, it's always unfortunate news when something closes down. It's even worse when it's one of your absolute favorites. Through the years we've lost some incredible stores, restaurants, and businesses.

If you've been here a while you'll know most of these places and I'm sure miss them as much as I do. Maybe there's one or two you have in mind that aren't on the list. If so leave a comment or send us a quick text message using the FREE mobile app and let us know your favorites. Especially if you've lived here a while.

These will bring back some memories and a few will have your mouth watering. You can always tell if someone's been in Lawton for a while or grew up here when they start talking about these places and how great they were. Here's a list of favorite Lawton businesses we wish were still open, in no particular order.


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    This is a recent closing in Lawton, Fort Sill due to COVID-19 and other economic factors. The Lawton Dillard's in Central Mall had a little bit of everything from clothing to kitchen, bath, and bedroom items. We'll miss not having it in town, especially around the holidays. They always had great decorations and Christmas stuff. Plus all kinds of gift ideas for practically everyone on your list. It was also one of the very few places in town where you could shop higher-end, designer clothing, footwear, handbags, fragrances, makeup, and other top-name brand products. Maybe someday we'll get it back. Although I doubt it.

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    Woody's BBQ

    Oh how I miss Woody's! It was one of my all-time favorite places to eat. I must have eaten lunch there close to a million times while it was open. They use to be near the corner of Lee Blvd and 11th Street. They also had a location on the East side for a while where Los Tres Amigos is now. Woody's had some great BBQ, but for me, it was always about the "Wood Chips." If you never had them they were potato slices, kind of like chips, that were baked and topped with cheese, bacon, and chives. Served with Ranch dipping sauce. They went with everything! They also had a fantastic pulled pork sandwich. It was a great place.

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    Sophie's Gyros

    To this day I don't think I've ever had a gyro as good as Sophie's Gyros. They were located on Sheridan Road in a small outlet strip, that at one time was the front of Doe Doe Park. It kind of looked like a castle with old stone and brick complete with small towers. I loved Sophie's and would eat there all the time. They didn't have a lot of room for dining in so we usually ordered ahead, picked it up, and went home.

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    Ivan P's Burgers

    Now this was a Lawton institution! Without a doubt Ivan P's had one of the very best hamburgers in town! They use to be located on Sheridan Road. I was just telling someone about their burgers and of course if you ever went to Ivan P's they had the best beans in town. They would serve both mild and hot pinto beans with their burgers and it was incredible! We'd go for lunch all the time and hog out. Plus the owner had a thing for black velvet oil paintings and yes they had several Elvis paintings as is proper! It was EPIC!

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    Another somewhat recent closing in Lawton, although it's been a few years now. They were on the corner of Sheridan and Ferris where the Goodwill is now. I loved going to Hastings and it was the very last remaining music and book store in town. I could spend hours walking around shopping for tunes, magazines, books, movies, games and they also had all kinds of collectables, comics and video rentals. I really miss having them in town. I guess they ended up closing all their stores and are no longer around.

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    Charley's Drive In

    If you remember this one you've been in town awhile. I use to go to Charley's Drive In nearly every weekend. It was on the corner of 11th and Lee Blvd. They had great burgers, onion rings and their fish and chips were the absolute best! Plus a lot of nights depending on traffic and the whereabouts of law enforcement you'd see some great grudge, light to light races with some of the coolest and fastest cars in town. There was always the sound of high performance engines, exhaust and squealing tires nearby.

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    Crockett's BBQ

    Crockett's was on Gore Blvd and had some great BBQ and all kinds of smoked meats. It's now the home of Philly Homa which is a great place to eat as well. However, I do really miss Crockett's baked potatoes. Those things were enormous and layered with meat, cheese, sour cream, chives, and bacon. You could order them any way you wanted and usually, you couldn't close the lid if you got it to go. Around the holidays they would smoke whole turkeys and hams that you could order and pick up hot and fresh.

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    Pizza Time Pizza

    To this day I still remember and unfortunately for anyone within earshot sing the Pizza Time Jingle. Remember that? "Two four eight triple zero eight Hmm Hmm." They were located on Cache Road near Re/Max. When I was a kid there was nothing better than Pizza Time Pizza. You could order the 3-for-one pick-up special for just $11.00 That was 3 large, 1 topping pizzas to go. Every weekend we'd order and would kick off our video gaming marathons with a feast! They also had awesome wings and their desert pizza was epic. I miss their pizza and their prices. I don't think I'll ever get their jungle out of my head.

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    Bianco's Italian Restaurant

    Another Lawton institution. Bianco's Italian Restaurant was on 2nd Street near the corner of 2nd and Gore Blvd. They had some of the best Italian food around and for a very long time, they were the only Italian restaurant in town. Or at least a full sit-down, full menu-type place. I have no idea how long they were open, but it was a long, long time. When the new Hilton Garden Inn and all the other 2nd Street improvements were being made they closed it down and demolished the old building. Sure we have other Italian restaurants in Lawton now, but there was something about Bianco's, it was extra, extra good.

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    The Sub Shack

    Out of all the restaurants and places that have closed down over the years this one was the most heartbreaking for me. The Sub Shack was near the corner of Sheridan and Smith across from Papa Louie's Pizzeria. As a teen and even a young adult, I'd go there all the time. Shoot some pool, play a few video games maybe even some pinball then order a cheeseburger sub with fries. It was the best and when you ordered fries it was an entire plate full. One order could feed 2 or 3 people easily. They also had this homemade hot sauce for the fries and burgers which was incredible. It was hot, but loaded with flavor and it went well on just about everything you put it on. I guess they opened in Cache for a while before completely closing down. I really miss this place and hope someday that it'll return. I can always hope...

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