We've been hearing rumors now for weeks, maybe even months about Slim Chickens coming to Lawton, Fort Sill. Somewhat, fairly reliable sources have told us this is true and that the new restaurant will be located on the west side of town. If you've been near the intersection of 67th Street and N.W. Cache Road you've probably seen all the construction going on. From what we're hearing that's where the new Slim Chickens is going. It'll be in between Toy Chiropractic Clinic and J&S Dry Cleaning and Laundry.

Now if for some reason, God forbid, we've been given bad or false information you didn't hear any of this Slim Chickens stuff from us. We really don't want to be in the rumor business, but when people we know and trust tell us something and give us permission to pass it along, we normally do. Plus, this is great news for Lawton, Fort Sill so of course we want to pass it along and tell everyone we know the good news. It'll be fantastic to have another option for eating out and from what we've heard Slim Chickens is really good.

I've seen them in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman and in Texas all over the Metro-plex, but I've never had the opportunity to try it out for myself. The menu looks amazing and their chicken is fresh and cooked to order. They have tenders, sandwiches, salads and they even have chicken and waffles. They also have a ton of different dipping sauces I can't wait to try out. Looking forward to them opening in Lawton, Fort Sill.

Not too sure exactly when they'll be opening up, but another rumor we're hearing is sometime mid-summer, maybe as early as June or July. If we hear anything we'll be sure to let you know.

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