If I can refresh your memory last year MacArthur High School received a new sign, a donation of sorts funded by Liberty National Bank. As such, Liberty National Bank understandably took the opportunity to place its logo on the sign in order to advertise its good deed, but the Karens of Lawton latched onto that single example and just wouldn't let it go.

I can't find the thread in the back pages of the Grapevine... Well, I didn't exactly look either... I just remember reading through so much hate this identical good deed caught. Karens spoke of how "wrong it is to advertise on a school sign..." rabble rabble rabble... It quickly reminded all of us of why we can't have anything nice.

As luck had it, the normal thinking general population joined the conversation as one big collective manager and let the Karens know this is just how things are going to be regardless of their hollow, impotent, and false rage.

Now that Lawton High has been bestowed a similar sign, it's only a matter of time before that conversation picks up again, and I'll admit it'll probably be entertaining to see a Part Two.

Their biggest complaint was that it was advertising... but is it advertising? Of course it is... but is it "wrong" to advertise in a school setting? Of course not... to the victor goes the spoils. Just look at the NASCAR level of advertising the average high school varsity sports scoreboards look like.

Instead of complaining about this new evil advertisement of a sign, perhaps a tilt-shift in perception to see how much nicer it looks than the old Lawton High sign... It looks nice, and as everybody always has something to say about Lawton not looking nice, it's another example of a private business stepping up to do what they can and what's right when the city itself refuses to make improvements a priority. We should be thankful for this.

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