Lawton Public Schools is instituting a new dismissal schedule for special needs and day care students, effective today, a schedule that will remain in place through this school year.

Previously, these children had been released 15 minutes earlier than other students, but a memo from the State Department of Education has forced the changed. The memo, received in December, stated that all students in the district must receive the equal amount of class time.

The school district issued a press release on Friday, stating that in order to meet with the states requirement, the affected students will now be released with the remainder of a school's student body. Arrival times at the student's drop off locations will also be altered in order to reflect the new dismissal times.

The district also stated the new dismissal times will remain in place through out the remainder of this school year. The new procedure will be revisited after the school year to determine if any further changes will be made prior to next fall.

Lockers in empty high school corridor
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Story courtesy of KSWO

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