You know as well as I do, it was absolutely freezing cold yesterday. The thermostat on my wall said it was -14 degrees at my house when I woke up yesterday, but that's not how they record records for the almanac. The official Lawton weather stats are recorded at the Lawton Municipal Airport on the South edge of town. On Tuesday, an all-time new low record was observed, officially -12 degrees. This narrowly breaks a 109 year old record cold temp of -11 observed way back in 1912.

The new record low most likely won't be the only record broken over the course of the last week, but those minor details won't come out for another few days or weeks. Towns and cities all across the region are smashing all-time weather records.

OKC tied the second coldest temp on record, Tulsa tied the absolute coldest temp on record. Dallas experienced the coldest weather they've had in nearly 75 years. Fayetteville, Arkansas dipped to negative twenty, coldest all-time temperature for them. Kansas City recorded a wind chill of -32 this week. Lawton recorded a wind chill of -25 yesterday. Neither are records, but it's notable on that list. At one point this past week, the Great Plains was the coldest place on the entire planet. Literally living Hoth, as power came and went, we were all looking to climb into our own little tauntaun's.

I'm sure as they process the data over the next week or two, more records will come out of this cold, snowy week. Hopefully you're staying safe and warm. I know pipes and power has been iffy at best around Lawton the last few days, but there's hope. We should climb above freezing by Friday, be back to normal February balmy temperatures by next week. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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