Growing up my family often did a proper white-people-taco-night. Ground beef with a packet of taco seasoning, shells straight out of the box, and queso with whatever chips looked good on the store shelves that day.

As my siblings and I have traveled in our lives beyond the family home, some of us have evolved and discovered the traditional tastes of real Tex-Mex, but we all love a simple taco fiesta meal so much, we always have that for our family Thanksgiving.

I understand that most people have a turkey tradition but to each their own. My family is fantastically weird in the best way, and nothing can break that taco fiesta Thanksgiving tradition. We also do a Chef Boyardee crappy pizza kit blowout at Christmas. It rules.

Since it's Cinco de Mayo, it's almost mandatory that you celebrate it in the best way possible... with chips and queso as the side to whatever dish you normally order.

It additionally begs the question, who has the best queso and chips in Lawton? I understand that a very loaded question since it can only account for my personal taste buds and opinion, but I'm sure we can swing this in a way we'll all agree.

Instead of ranking who has the best chips and queso, why don't we list off all of the good options people constantly talk about.

Lawton's Tastiest Chips & Queso Offerings

Beyond the days of Velvetta and Rotel, queso has entered a renaissance in America. It has become the standard appetizer of most restaurants regardless of the menu, and I don't know a single person that refused to eat it. Listed here, in no particular or complete order, are some of the tastiest chips & queso offerings in Lawton.

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