You're just a short 3:30 minutes away from learning how to make the perfect burrito. It's a lot easier than it looks and anyone can master it. Before you know it you'll be serving your friends and family tasty Mexican treats and be the envy of all with your amazing burrito skills. This is a dish that everyone should know how to make and our friend Dan Murphy from "Cookin' With Dan" is going to show us all how it's done.

What I like most about Dan and his cooking videos is how he gets straight to it. There's no going on and on about the recipe, ingredients or cooking methods, he just gets right to it and with easy to follow instructions. During the pandemic I've been trying out new recipes and attempting to cook, bake and grill all kinds of new and different meals. Getting out of my comfort zone and limited skill base to really experiment and try new things in the kitchen. Plus we all get tired of eating the same things over and over, so lets add some excitement to the menu. Believe me, your taste buds, family and friends will thank you.

Unlike a lot of other online self proclaimed experts with cooking videos, Dan speaks everyday language and in terms we all can understand. There's no pretentious ramblings of culinary schooling or background. There's no "better than you" speeches about equipment and the perfect chef set up in the kitchen. All you'll need is the bare minimum basics to pull off these recipes. No fancy schmancy pots, pans, stoves or other utensils are needed or welcomed for that matter. All you have to do is watch and follow along.

I look forward to more videos from Dan in the future. I'm hoping he'll cover other foreign foods, maybe oriental dishes? I could really use some instruction on rice and how to make the perfect hot and spicy chicken. Made Italian after that. In the meantime I know what I'll be making... BURRITOS!

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