Before you freak yourself out worrying about what could happen, arm yourself with a little knowledge. You see, once the curtain is pulled back on such a phenomenon, you learn how to read your radar and whether your worries are worth worrying about.

Yes, tornadoes can be pretty destructive... but for all of the tornadoes we hear about, there are ten times more. Small tornadoes that touch and go. Those that roll through the country without affecting life and limb. It's really only the big tornadoes that you should worry about, and there's no telling how big a tornado will be before it rears its ugly head. So why worry about what 'could' happen before it happens?

Perhaps your worry is more or less centered on being prepared. You see, the more prepared you are, the less you have to worry about. If you have a plan in place, a spot picked out, and supplies to pass the time, there's nothing to worry about. Storms like this are hear and over in an instant. Much like last Saturday. It popped up out of nowhere, sirens sounded city-wide, and it's was all over in a few minutes. Don't wrap yourself up in stress for an entire day just waiting for those few minutes. Make a plan and let it go. I was lucky enough to get in a few hours of fishing this afternoon. Sure, it was windy, and the fish didn't bite, but it sure beat being stuck at work worrying about the weather.

If you'd like a super-sciency dissection of a tornado, here's that also.


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