Yesterday (09-28-20) the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down a petition that could have legalized recreational marijuana. The petition if it collected enough signatures would have placed State Question 813 on the November 8th 2022 ballot. With a majority vote State Question 813 would have legalized recreational marijuana in Oklahoma for anyone 18 or older. It would have also imposed a 25% tax on all sales. 

So why did they strike down the petition to possibly advance State Question 813? The Oklahoma Supreme Court decided that the wording on the petition was misleading and that those signing wouldn't necessarily know how it would change state laws and that it didn't provide enough details on the proposed constitutional amendment. You can get the full details on the courts ruling on S.Q. 813, Initiative Petition 429 here.

So at this time it doesn't look like we'll be voting anytime soon on total legalization. There's no telling when, or if it could end up on a state ballot. In the meantime Oklahoma's medical marijuana laws will continue to be the norm. There's still a chance we could see something from the Federal level that could decriminalize marijuana Nationwide. For the very first time in our history the House will put it to a vote with the MORE act. This would legalize marijuana across the country and in every state.

So what are your thoughts on all this? Should marijuana be completely legal for either medical or recreational use? Take the poll below and let us know your opinion.

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