You may have heard all the rumors, well it's true! It's looking like Lawton, Fort Sill will finally be getting an indoor gun range, it's about damn time! Ares State Armory is working on building a state-of-the-art shooting facility right here in town. Yesterday the news broke that the city's planning committee rezoned the property that Ares State Armory is considering for the range located near the corner of 38th Street and Lee Blvd. Ares State Armory Ares State Armory

As soon as I heard all the rumors about the gun range I picked up the phone and called Josh Powers the co-owner and manager of Ares State Armory to get the facts. He confirmed the rumors and told me that the Lawton City Council would be voting on the proposed rezoning of the property they'd like to purchase coming up on Tuesday, December 7th (12-07-21). So it's looking really good and things are moving forward.

The planning committee voted unanimously to rezone that area as I-1 Industrial so more than likely the council will do the same. That means we're getting closer and closer to having an indoor shooting facility in Lawton. Once all the details and rezoning are finalized it'll be time to move to the next phase, construction! Ares State Armory Ares State Armory

Along with confirming the rumors Josh also told us a little bit about the future plans and what the new range would look like. The gun range would feature 14 lanes, 7 on each side, and be 25 yards with the ability to expand out in the future to include 4 100 yard rifle lanes. It would also have a HUGE retail store, classrooms for instruction and they're also wanting to offer food and beverages as well. It's gonna be beyond EPIC!

I asked Josh what we could do to help make this a reality. The first thing we can do is help spread the word about the new range and encourage its construction and opening. The next thing we can do is purchase an advance range membership from Ares State Armory. Very soon they'll be offering range memberships and by purchasing one in advance you'll be helping out a lot. It shows the community's interest and support for the new range and is incredibly important. I'll be first in line for membership as soon as they're available! Ares State Armory Ares State Armory

Coming up on Tuesday, November 23rd (11-23-21) at Ares State Armory 2210 W. Gore Blvd. Suite #5 they'll have representatives from SilencerCo. on-site. They've teamed up and will be doing an incredible offer of buy one SilencerCo. get 2 FREE! You can get all the details above or by visiting the Areas State Armory official Facebook page. Z94 will be broadcasting live that day so stop by and see us!

Then on "Black Friday" (11-26-21) Ares State Armory will have a HUGE storewide holiday sale! Unbeatable deals on firearms, accessories, and more. Z94 will be there live from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm hanging out and announcing all the deals so come on by! Looking forward to it and looking forward to the new range opening. We'll keep you up to date with all the news and progress so check back for updates!

The "Clint Eastwood: A Cinematic Legacy" exhibit Dallas, TX.

If you're a fan of Clint Eastwood you have to make the trip to Dallas, TX to the AT&T Global Headquarters at 208 S. Akard Street in Dallas, TX. For a limited time, they have the "Clint Eastwood: A Cinematic Legacy" exhibit set up in the AT&T Discovery District. It will only be open until Sunday, November 28th (11-28-21) so time's running out. It's an amazing collection of props, wardrobe, and other Eastwood artifacts on display celebrating Clint's 50 plus years of cinematic experience. Here's the best part it's TOTALLY FREE and OPEN to the public! If you're wanting details, click here for days and times that the exhibit is open, In the meantime scroll through the photo gallery and check out some of the amazing items you'll see on display.

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John Wayne: An American Experience museum Ft. Worth, TX.

If you're a fan of the Duke you have to make the trip to Ft. Worth and visit the John Wayne: An American Experience museum. It's located in the Ft. Worth Stockyards at 2501 Rodeo Plaza. The gallery below isn't even close to half of what you'll see there. With 10,000 square feet and several rooms, the exhibit has everything from John Wayne's early childhood to his final days. You can get up close and personal with all the costumes, wardrobe, and props that John Wayne used in his films and throughout his career. Along with all the great displays throughout the exhibit, there are quotes from the Duke, interactive video and audio sections, and most, if not all of the walls are covered in photo murals and picture collages of the Duke.

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