What is it about cheap wieners in fried cornbread that is so good? When you think about it, they shouldn't be. Cheap hotdogs are nothing to write home about, and neither is corn bread. Don't get me wrong, they're both passable for a single meal once a summer, but when you mix it all together in one dish, well that's something special.

I think we can all agree, no store bought corndog can compare to one made fresh right in front of you. Like those footlong ones at the state fairs. Even though they are absolutely made with the cheapest ingredients they could buy, they're just so good. Maybe it's the hot crispiness of it coming right out of the oil. That first bite that always burns the roof of your mouth, making you talk with that steaming hot breath in the middle of a hot summer day... you know what I'm talking about. It's something so good yet unable to replicate with a corndog bought out of the freezer section. So take it from Oklahoma's new favorite son, world famous chef Cowboy Kent Rollins.

Kents recipe for his cowboy corndogs go beyond mixing water into a pre-made dry batter mix and dipping dogs into it. He straight tells you the best way to make a delicious dog with a little cowboy kick. If you flinch at the idea of chunked onion and jalapenos in your batter, think of it like this... You get onion rings and Texas toothpicks in your corndog, plus I've cooked a ton of Kent Rollins food, he wouldn't steer you wrong. Next time you don't know what to cook, remember this. Simple, easy, delicious.


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