You could say Gerardo Perez is an animal lover.

The 50-year-old man from Chicago put the 'dog' in 'horn dog' when he was arrested after he veered off during a tour of an animal shelter to have sex with a pit bull.

A pit bull! That's the Omega Mu of the canine world. If you’re going to get busy with a pooch, at least have the sense to do it with an adorable poodle or an eager to please golden retriever.

An employee initially found Perez in a restricted area and ordered him to leave. A short time later, though, the worker spotted Perez again, this time with a vision that could make one's eyes explode:

"The employee found the man on his hands and knees on the side of the dog, and it appeared the man had just had sexual contact with the animal, prosecutors said."

Then, perhaps mistaking the shelter for a high school locker room, Perez made some incriminating statements about his illicit tryst with the beast to employees and police later arrested him at his home.

Sadly, getting carnal with man's best friend seems like it may be some sort of bizarre midwestern ritual that appeals to a variety of men.

Moral of the story: maybe it's better to be a cat person.