Earlier this morning I was in the studio and heard a huge crash against the window. It was so loud and sudden that I nearly fell out of my chair, I wasn't expecting it and it definitely scared me. I opened up the blinds and couldn't really see anything. I was pretty sure it was a bird that hit the window. So I went to investigate.

As soon as I opened the door this massive red tailed hawk was just sitting there. It didn't appear to be injured. It flew up and landed on a car right outside the door. I watched him for a few minutes and he kept flying from the ground to the car. So I thought well he must be dazed from hitting the window but other than that he's okay.

That's when things got crazy. The hawk didn't hit the window a pigeon did. I was looking at the hawk when all of a sudden this pigeon comes stumbling out from behind the bushes in front of the building right by the windows. I guess the hawk was chasing it and it smashed against the window trying to get away. Before I could do anything the hawk flew down grabbed the injured pigeon and flew off with his breakfast in talons.

It was awesome to see, sure I felt bad for the pigeon but hawks have to eat to. We've seen all kinds of wildlife in downtown at the studios from raccoons, armadillos, snakes, possums, foxes, coyotes, bats and all sorts of other animals. This is the first time though that I've seen a red tail hawk this close up in the city.

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