Massive Red Tailed Hawk Shows up in Downtown Lawton!
Earlier this morning I was in the studio and heard a huge crash against the window. It was so loud and sudden that I nearly fell out of my chair, I wasn't expecting it and it definitely scared me. I opened up the blinds and couldn't really see anything. I was pretty sure it was a bird that…
Peacocks Attack Neighborhood [VIDEO]
This video clearly shows why people don't have peacocks as pets and why you don't see them in neighborhoods. Once again real animals are nothing like Disney films! These things are loud, messy and can be down right nasty when they feel threatened.
This Cockatoo Loves to Play Peekaboo [VIDEO]
This cockatoo is a trip! He likes to play peekaboo with his owner while riding in the car. He's pretty smart and seems to enjoy the game, until the unthinkable happens. This is why you never engage in a game of peekaboo with a cockatoo while in a moving vehicle!
Golfer Kills Seagull With Terrible Drive [VIDEO]
We've heard of the terms birdie and eagle when it comes to golf but never seagull, that is until now! This has to be one of the worst tee shot in the history of golf. This guy lines up and wacks the ball in a low line drive kind of way. The ball speeds right into a seagull who just happened to …
Man Releases Pet Mouse into the Wild, Big Mistake! [VIDEO]
It's definitely not like Disney films! Nature can be a very cruel and unforgiving thing. In the tooth, claw and nail world of wildlife it's truly survival of the fittest! This guy found out the hard way when he released his pet mouse Whiskers into the forest. It was a glorious thing for al…
Cockatoo Really Doesn’t Like Going to the Vet [VIDEO]
This bird really doesn't want to go to the vet and is letting everyone know about it. Meet Max, he's a male Cockatoo and like most men hates going to the doctor. When his owner grabs his carrier, Max isn't stupid he knows he's about to head to the vet's office.
Poor Birds Land on the Wrong Power Line NSFW [VIDEO]
These poor birds landed on the wrong power line and a dash cam shows the explosive results! The reaction of the people in the car is almost as explosive. I was just talking about this with my daughter who wondered how birds can sit on power lines and not get electrocuted.
When Turkeys Attack!
With Thanksgiving on the way and we prepare for our annual feast, it's only appropriate that we take a moment to recognize the majestic turkey and all it's sacrifices. I love this time of year and Thanksgiving is the perfect kick off to the holiday season! My mouth is already watering with…

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