With Oklahoma teachers, and the failures of our state education system in the news so much lately, it appears the Mazzio's pizza chain is looking to give a little back. Apparently, Mazzio's founder Ken Selby started his adult life as a junior high science teacher in Tulsa. After founding one of the greatest pizza chains the world has ever tasted (my own opinion) he would see a life of success, but not forget his roots.

To honor teachers across the state, every Tuesday from March 20th to April 24th, Mazzio's is giving offering their dinner buffet completely free to teachers. That includes everything on the salad bar, not just the pizza.

It seems that while Ken is no longer with us, he hired the right people to carry on his legacy. Here's the Mazzio's press release:

“Mazzio’s loves our Oklahoma teachers. To show it, every Tuesday evening from March 20 to April 24, participating Mazzio’s locations around the state are offering a complimentary dinner buffet and drink to every teacher with a current teacher ID from an Oklahoma school district.”

The closest location to Lawton - Fort Sill is the Mazzio's over in Duncan. It's a drive, sure, but it's Mazzio's.

Full Disclosure: I grew up in Northern Oklahoma where Mazzio's is a king... I may have come off as sort of a fan, and those opinions are entirely my own.

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