Having a bad day? Has life got you down or the actions and negativity of others effecting how you feel? Try mental karate. Just hit play and see how easy it is to mentally karate chop your way into a healthier and happier you! And the best part is you can do this right where you're at. Make it a regular thing and become your own Sensei of peace and tranquility! Plus the video's HILARIOUS!

We've all heard about the benefits of martial arts when it comes to health and happiness. It's a proven fact that various forms of martial arts when performed regularly are very good exercise, it has a positive effect on your metal and emotional health and well being.

But what if you can't physically do that, or are just too lazy? Well with mental karate you can get all the benefits of actual karate, well maybe not the physical effects but definitely the relaxing mental and emotional effects! I'm going to make this a regular routine, everyday for a few minutes a day I'm going to perform some mental karate as I work my way to black belt!

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