A mouse decides to end it all by jumping into the deep fryer at a Texas Whataburger and it was all captured live on video! I'll say it "Thank God for cell phones!" I mean it's one thing to hear about it, it's quite another seeing it. Believe me you'll want to see it! WARNING: If you're at all squeamish or are easily disturbed by gross videos you might think twice before hitting play on this one!

This poor mouse was just looking for a place to chill, maybe nimble on some food and what better place than Whataburger. I mean it's one of my favorites too! Well unfortunately for him it all ended tragically as he attempted to get away only to end up in the deep fryer! That's right he became a deep fried mouse. Needless to say this Whataburger location had to do a major cleaning job, but are now back open for business.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but you'd be surprised at how often rodents and other creepy crawlies are found in the kitchens of your favorite restaurants. As a kid growing up I worked in fast food, nice well known restaurants and all types of eateries. I can tell you first hand that it happens...A LOT!

I've encountered everything from mice, rats, giant tarantulas, all kinds of bugs, roaches and more than my far share of snakes! I would tell you when and where all this happened, but I'd hate to get sued. Most of the places I worked at where I could tell you some really horrific stories are no longer open, SHOCKER!

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