Even as the flooding, tornadoes, severe weather, hail, and dim days have affected nearly every person across this state, May 2019 and our wild weather is starting to wind down for the season. That's not to say this state won't experience severe weather and tornadoes in June, but as the days heat up, that threat of damaging weather leans more towards the enjoyable Summer showers and short-lived downpours.

The best news is, while there is rain in nearly every day of the June forecast so far, Oklahoma river and lake levels are expected to trend more towards normal over the next few weeks. The less-than-good news is thousands of Oklahomans are now faced with the recovery process.

There have been countless homes, businesses, roads, bridges, and even one dam that took significant damage this month. The only thing left for these people is the decision to fix their homes, or tear down and start over from a bare slab. It's going to take time and money, but the toll on a persons mind will be the highest cost of all. When these events happen, you have survival to keep your mind occupied. After the waters recede, all that's left is to cope with what has happened.

Oklahoma dams and reservoirs are still flowing large amounts of water. They expect affected areas to continue flooding through early next week, but levels should start coming down over the weekend. As the state moves forward, lets hope 2019 doesn't experience a repeat in 2020.

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