A little thing I saw on TikTok last night got me searching the web with curiosity. If Oklahoma could have any restaurant, which eatery would it be?

I found plenty of posts on Facebook and Twitter/X about old-school Oklahoma favorites like Molly Murphy's and whatever it briefly became afterward. Big ideas about franchising Eskimo Joe's cheese fries and fowl things to every corner of the map, and countless wishes to reestablish long-gone favorite local joints.

I'll admit, I miss Lawton's legendary Big Chef at least once a week. The Cornerstone cheese fries in Ponca City hit differently at 3 AM - and Dougan's BBQ a few doors down can never be replaced. Even now, thirty-years later, I still have vivid dreams about Jim's Burger Haven in Denver.

Social media is full of big opinions on what Oklahoma needs the most restaurant-wise. Take a look at this quick list - the most common eateries mentioned - see if they strike a nerve with you.

Restaurants Oklahomans Wish We Had in the Sooner State

All across social media, people in Oklahoma are holding nothing back talking about restaurants they wish were in and around the Sooner State. If you had one wish, which eatery would you pick?

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Oklahoma Restaurants People Swear Are Worth The Drive

Eating out is entertainment. Sometimes it's you and your better half, other times you'll drag the family along with you. Either/or, if you've got time to kill and want to sample the best Oklahoma offers, here are the restaurants' everyone swears are worth every moment in the car to and from.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

More Restaurants Oklahomans Swear Are Worth The Drive

The Sooner State sure isn't short on good eats. From the best BBQ you'll find in America, to the worldly tastes of exotics with an Oklahoma spin... Here are more of the best restaurants Okies swear are worth the drive for.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Ten Iconic Oklahoma Restaurants You Have To Try

I think it's fair to say that each state probably has its own legends when it comes to restaurants. Pennsylvania has cheesesteaks, New York has wings and pizza, Texas has Franklin BBQ and Tex-Mex, etc...

Oklahoma is no different.

Birthed into statehood as a cattle state, there's no shortage of beef on any menu here, but there's a little room for chicken and fries too. Here are the absolute, hands down, best restaurants, in no particular order, everyone has to try in The Sooner State.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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