Arlene Magdon never met Walter Samasko, Jr. They were first cousins, but they may have never even met. Nonetheless, Arlene is thankful to Walter, because he left her a fortune in gold.

Authorities found Samasko in his isolated home, dead for a month. Samasko had no immediate family, so the state was cleaning his house for sale.

Then they went into the garage, and found boxes of gold coins and bars.

Needless to say, the state of Nevada started doing a lot of genealogical research, even as people came forward pretending to be lost relatives. The most creative story was probably a man from Florida claiming to be a secret agent suffering from amnesia due to a head injury, who had just recovered his memory.

Nonetheless, the money goes to Arlene. Maybe she can use it to buy the secret agent a better cover story.

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