You know over the last few days, people have been asked to conserve as much gas and electricity as possible across most of the Great Plains. Oklahoma City is one of the hardest hit areas during this energy crunch. OKC's and much of OK's power and gas provider, Oklahoma Gas & Energy (OG&E) has been rolling blackouts all over the state, and really hammering those in OKC. Power outages have been lasting multiple hours and days up there.

Residents and customers are especially sensitive these days having just experienced unprecedented outages with last Octobers freak ice storm. Some went without power for almost a whole month. With people doing what they can to conserve power in order to avoid more blackouts, it's hard to not take note that the OKC Thunder played in an empty, warm, very well lit Chesapeake Energy Arena last night while residents around the stadium went without.

Instantly, people crowded onto social media sites across the web crying foul, and it seems for good measure. In a crisis, leadership is accused of putting corporate profits first ahead of the needs of the citizenry. That leaderships reply stated that the energy consumption of that basketball game was accounted for in the energy outlook. The question everyone has now is, how many homes needed to go without power to make room for a giant, empty arena to be lit and heated?

It's a sizeable and legitimate question that someone at the top needs to answer. I love our OKC Thunder. They proved that Oklahoma can and will support professional sports. In return, residents are asking that the professional sports, in times of crisis, do what's right to support them in turn.

I won't sit here and say what they did was wrong. If I lived there, I might be angry too. Like I've always said, everybody needs a villain. We always need someone to blame for our misfortune. It's the knee-jerk reaction we all have the instant something goes wrong. I'm also not saying playing that game was right. It's a gray area at best. What do you think?

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