Oklahoma has been having quite the love affair with Chick-fil-A for the better part of thirty years. What was once a mall food court staple in larger towns across the plains, Chick-fil-A is now as mainstream as KFC and McDonald's.

Those delicious nuggets were a special treat growing up, and the only reason I'd agree to go with my mom to my sister's orthodontist appointments in Enid growing up. They're just so delicious, but my own personal feelings only grew deeper when I had the signature spicy sandwich in my mid-20s.


Just look at that glorious thing. Tart and sour pickles, a buttered and toasted bun, and a juicy, moist chicken breast with just the right amount of heat. Thy cup runneth over with flavor.

Over the years we've seen Chick-fil-A run out a handful of new menu items. Some stuck--the mac and cheese--but others didn't strike a note with diners--the spicy chicken strips.

Yeah, Chick-fil-A tried spicy chicken strips, but they failed and that's probably why they never made a spicy nugget... or did they?


While searching the web for a concrete answer to this ultimate spicy nugget question, I ran across a post on Reddit. The person who created it said they ordered their nuggets spicy through the app, and the restaurant made and served them that way.

Just as I started thinking spicy nuggies were a super-secret menu item, I read where the restaurant allegedly tossed their chicken in the spicy breading to give them the correct look of something spicy, but Chick-fil-A fans know this... the spice isn't in the breading.

It's all about that marinade.


The spice you love comes from the secret marinade Chick-fil-A steeps their chicken in for however long it takes. I know this because we got a tour of the new Lawton location before they opened, and even though we agreed that we wouldn't take pics in the kitchen, talking about it is fair game, right?

While there are a million different copycat recipes out there, only Chick-fil-A really knows how it's properly done.

I'm not off-topic, it's all relevant.

When Chick-fil-A rolled out the spicy chicken strips in select test markets earlier this year, I don't think they thought it through. I mean, come on, ain't nobody ordering chicken strips at the same level as the nugs or sandwiches. I've had them, rated M for meh.

Was this an attempt to boost the popularity of the strips?

A spicy nugget might be an instant slam dunk.

The evidence.

For whatever reason, America loves every restaurant's chicken nuggets, and they only swell in popularity when they roll out spicy versions of them.

  • McDonald's
  • Wendy's
  • Burger King
  • Popeyes (boneless wings are nuggets)
  • KFC (Nashville hot)
  • Sonic (hot popcorn chicken)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (see the Popeyes disclaimer)
  • Wing Stop (same/same)

People can't get enough of those spicy wings, and they complain when the 'limited time' offerings exit the regular menu. I honestly think Chick-fil-A could do spicy nuggets permanently, and in a very bold prediction, they'd sell as equals to the regular nuggets if not even more.


The real question.

What do you think? Would you be on board with a spicy Chick-fil-A nugget? Would you let your kids try them too? Would you finally feel like an adult eating a grown-up version of a kid's food? You tell me.

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