I don't think Oklahoma has had a winter and start to spring quite like this in the better part of a decade. Warm, windy, and very dry regardless of recent rains. How long did winter last this time around, two weeks? Maybe a third week if you count it as the second winter?

This same warm winter weather phenomenon happened last in 2017. While we haven't been quite as warm as it was that year, we've been close with random daily highs nearing 90 in parts of the state. It's a stark change from that year Oklahoma experienced seven winter storms with ice and snow, the last hitting us in mid-April... Was it 2022 or 2021?

Regardless, Oklahoma is teetering on the edge of a spreading drought, and while we all collectively hope the bad weather stays away from wherever we live, the Sooner State once again is in need of rain in the worst way. Here are some of the driest counties in the state.

DUST BOWLS: Counties With the Worst Droughts in Oklahoma

Stacker compiled a list of counties with the worst droughts in Oklahoma using data from U.S. Drought Monitor.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

Weird Oklahoma Dust Bowl Recipes To Stretch Your Budget

With grocery bills growing, take a page out of the most thrifty generation of Oklahomans. These Depression Era Dust Bowl recipes are easy on the wallet, delicious, and filling. You'll be amazed how much free food grows in your neighborhood.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Oklahoma's Dust Bowl & Depression Era Desserts You Should Try Today

If you're not up on your Oklahoma history, drought struck the region around the same time America's great economic collapse happened. We know it as the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

While thousands of Okies left to become Californians, those that stayed did as best they could to lift spirits in a time of overbearing adversary. They say the key to contentment is a full belly, and Oklahoma's pioneer women came up with some really strange recipes to please the palate.

Treat yourself and make one or more of these over the next few months.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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