Have you ever heard the story of the Oklahoma Giant before? This tale is more fact than fiction and features a real-life giant by the name of Lewis W. Wilkins from Enid, OK. He's a true Sooner State legend and was once named the tallest man in the world. Standing at around 8.2 feet tall he literally towered over everyone he met.


Born in 1870 Lewis was one of six Wilkins children. While his other brothers and sisters were of normal or average height Lewis began to grow at an accelerated rate and by age 12 he was already 6 feet tall. By his teenage years, he was already a giant and finally stopped growing once he reached the height of 8.2 feet tall.

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Once he grew to his full height Lewis began traveling around the country and even overseas and was known as the Oklahoma Giant. People would come from all over to see him and marvel at his amazing height and stature. He weighed around 365 pounds, had a size 24 shoe, wore a size 8 1/2 hat and size 16 gloves, he could pass a silver dollar through one of the rings he wore without touching the sides. Not just tall, a giant.


Throughout the years there's been some controversy and dispute over just how tall Lewis W. Wilkins actually was. Most newspapers and other media outlets reported him to be 8.2 feet tall, while others said he was 7.4 feet tall. Either way, he was truly an Oklahoma Giant. He's still listed in the Guinness World Records book.

You can visit the grave site of the Oklahoma Giant in Waukomis, OK.

YouTube.com- Rhetty for History
YouTube.com- Rhetty for History

Sadly we lost the Oklahoma Giant after he began suffering from health issues. His sight was going bad and it was discovered that he had a bone tumor in his head that was affecting his sight. It was suggested that he have surgery to remove the tumor in Chicago. Unfortunately, he passed away before doctors could operate.


The Enid Daily Wave broke the sad news on July 11, 1902 “Lewis Wilkins Dead. The Largest Man in the World Died at a Hospital in Chicago.”  He may be gone but you can visit his gravesite. It's located in the small town of Waukomis, OK. just outside of Enid in the Waukomis Cemetery. He's buried there with his fellow Wilkins family members. The Oklahoma Giant Lewis W. Wilkins is a real Sooner State legend. May he rest in peace.

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