The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management is trying to see just how much this past Winter storm has affected you, your life, and your property. While you may be getting back to normal with working water, heat, and electricity, it doesn't matter how long you were out of any of them, the OKDEM wants to know. Not just broken pipes, but did your home flood as a result? Things like that.

The link provided in the social media post and here will take you to a survey page somewhere on their servers. From the link:

Information collected here will help local and state authorities understand locations impacted by disaster. Please fill out the survey more than once if you have sustained damage to homes, businesses, or agriculture in the same location. This survey is not in any form an application for or guarantee of assistance. Contact information will be used to provide information on resources available as well as how to apply for any assistance that may be available. Please note, this report is strictly for reporting damage or loss of personal property. Utility outages should still be reported to your local utility provider. If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.

Being within city limits or alone out in the country doesn't matter either. It even goes as far as asking about any damage taken to your private roads and septic systems.

Unfortunately, with anything on social media these days, every action draws critics... Some suggest this information will be used to gain federal monies which in turn won't be used to help people who have been affected... and to be honest, given the state of politics, it wouldn't be a shocker... but they are asking for relevant information for now. If you have some to pass on, you might consider it.

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