A recent study found that folks in the Sooner State have to deal with fewer coronavirus restrictions than the rest of us. 

The financial website WalletHub crunched the numbers in order to rank states according to restrictions that have been put in place to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. 

They looked at things like mask mandates, whether or not restaurants are open and workplace temperature screenings among other things to compile the list. In all, the site used 14 key metrics to determine their findings. 

As far as our home state of Texas goes, we’re pretty middle-of-the-road at number 28 on the list. I’m honestly surprised about that. I figured we would’ve been higher on the list as the state has been mostly open since last summer. 

States with the fewest COVID-19 restrictions: 

  1. Oklahoma  
  2. South Dakota  
  3. Iowa  
  4. Arkansas  
  5. Florida  
  6. Utah  
  7. Missouri  
  8. Wisconsin  
  9. Alaska  
  10. South Carolina  
  11. Kansas  
  12. Alabama  
  13. Montana  
  14. Idaho  
  15. North Dakota  
  16. Wyoming  
  17. Nebraska  
  18. Georgia  
  19. Tennessee  
  20. Indiana  
  21. Mississippi  
  22. Louisiana  
  23. New Hampshire  
  24. Maryland  
  25. West Virginia  
  26. Kentucky  
  27. Nevada  
  28. Texas  
  29. Michigan  
  30. Arizona  
  31. Ohio  
  32. Minnesota  
  33. Delaware  
  34. New Jersey  
  35. Pennsylvania  
  36. Rhode Island  
  37. Oregon  
  38. Colorado  
  39. New York  
  40. Maine  
  41. Connecticut  
  42. Illinois  
  43. Hawaii  
  44. North Carolina  
  45. Vermont  
  46. Washington  
  47. New Mexico  
  48. District of Columbia  
  49. Massachusetts  
  50. Virginia  
  51. California 

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