We're at a point in human existence where upon learning that they could, nobody stopped to ask if they should... Oklahoma is now the home of a 364 ounce margarita. Read that again. Three-hundred and sixty-four ounces of margarita on demand at some taco joint I'm about to tell you all about.

Welcome to 3 Tequilas Mexican Grill and Cantina. A trendy Mexican food joint with three locations in Oklahoma... Edmond, Tulsa, and Broken Arrow. Yes, that's a trip for you and I, but for a margarita that's just under three whole gallons, it might be worth the drive and subsequent Uber ride for the experience.

First off, margaritas are awesome. Second, 3 Tequilas is making margaritas the way they should all be made, on the rocks with a little salt. None of that cockeyed frozen alcoholic slurpee jazz.

Add in the fact that all three locations have rave reviews for their traditional Mexican food offerings, and the occasional live Mariachi, this place sounds like heaven in Oklahoma. Seriously, Mariachi music doesn't get the love it deserves.

Before you hop off on some kick about how nobody "needs" an almost three-gallon margarita, stop. There's no need to go Karening off in here. While it would seem like a superhuman feat of consumption, if you look at the picture, it's mostly ice.

By the way, they also have a smaller, more manageable margarita tower.

Just throwing that out there because, well, it's awesome.

A classic margarita on the rocks is the universal cocktail that anyone can enjoy without the judgement of enjoying a cocktail. I was in a Stillwater bar one time enjoying the dollar Tom Collins once, and some smartalec college frat boy asked me "Isn't that a girl drink?" as he tossed back another giant PBR. Cocktails are how grownups drink liquor, and no kid will riff on you for a margarita on the rocks. Frozen is a different story, but that story will come in time.

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