This mail carrier just happened to know who lived in this particular house and he knew something was up.

Up in Tulsa, Oklahoma a mail carrier is being praised for what he did while on the job the other day. Daniel Sweet has been delivering mail on this route for the past five years and he's gotten to know the people that he delivers mail to. One of them is Nancy Griffin and Daniel happened to spot a strange man on her property.

Daniel yelled at the man, “Hey dude!” and the man looked like a deer in the headlights. The stranger tells him, "Home girl called me and told me to come pick this up. Daniel then has one of my favorite lines ever to the news crew. "I know Nancy has never been called home girl in her life." Turns out Nancy was watching the whole thing behind her window.

Daniel says, "I said well she's right there let's ask her." The man didn't even look. He just threw the package over his shoulder and took off as fast as he could. Daniel says this is not the first time something like this has happened. He says he's probably stopped around 20 packages from getting stolen along his route throughout the years.

He says this isn't a requirement of his job, he says he does it because he cares about the people he delivers to and takes his job personally. "I'd want my mailman to do the same thing,” says Daniel. Nancy says she considers him a part of the neighborhood.

She feels safe knowing he keeps an eye on everything. "I know he's not only keeping an eye on me he's keeping an eye on everyone. Nobody knows our neighborhood better than he does and who belongs here,” says Nancy.

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