There almost has to be some sort of shenanigans going on right now because Oklahoma has landed on two unpolite lists in as many days.

First, OKC was named as one of the rudest cities in America, now the internet is telling us Oklahoma has one of the highest road rage problems in the country.

Silly man gets into car crash and makes ridiculous face

Granted, we've talked before about all of the things that irk us behind the wheel, but it's almost always someone with Texas plates causing the problem... At least in the Southern half of the state. In Northern OK, it's almost always Kansas drivers.

According to a Forbes study, Oklahoma has the highest number of road rage incidents based on what people answering the poll questions have experienced. At least we're #1 in something.


Oklahoma also tied in third place with Arizona on the number of times we've actually called to police to report annoying driver behavior, like tailgating and such.

The Sooner State is the fourth most likely populace to report if they've been forced off the road by another driver, but there's no further explanation on that statistic.

What constitutes being "forced off the road" in this case? Like actually being run off the road randomly, or failing to yield to traffic while merging and having to run on the shoulder for a while because our bad-driver-ego won't let us admit wrongdoing?

Oklahoma also tied with Virginia as the fourth most likely state to call the police on a driver that cuts us off.

Are Oklahoma drivers really that angry? And do we really go snitching that often?

If you remember, there have been a handful of viral OK road rage incidents on social media lately... maybe there's something to this report.

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That's nuts. There are a lot more vids on TikTok too if that's your thing today.

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