Yesterday (04-12-22) U.S. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) announced a new piece of legislation that he'll be introducing called the 'Pistol Brace Protection Act.' The bill would restrict the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) from reclassifying pistol braces within the NFA (National Firearms Act) and prevent the agency from future regulation, registration, and taxation of these devices.

The ATF is expected to issue its 'final rule' on pistol braces sometime this Summer, more than likely in August 2022. For years they've been legal to own and use and weren't considered an NFA item that would require registration and the $200.00 tax that's usually levied against an NFA item or firearm. The ATF hopes to reclassify pistol braces basically making them illegal unless they're taxed and registered.

Earlier this week President Biden announced his 'ghost gun' and other gun control measures along with the ATF's new rules concerning 80% lowers, receivers, and so-called 'buy, build and shoot' kits. The new rules and/or regulations not only covered building your own firearms, which is legal by the way but it also covered building suppressors/silencers as well. Click here to read the article and get all the details.

The White House and other federal agencies have been playing fast and loose with the rules, better yet the U.S. Constitution. Since gun control advocates and politicians don't have the necessary votes to pass further infringements to our 2nd Amendment rights they're attempting to redefine and reclassify terms/definitions and amend existing laws found in the NFA and other legislation to push their agenda. All of which are unconstitutional. The ATF has ZERO AUTHORITY to write laws or even amend laws. That's the job of Congress. It certainly isn't the job of the President or some unelected government agency that's for sure!

I guess they think they can just do whatever they want without regard to the U.S. Constitution. Or all of them failed basic civics class and don't understand what the 3 branches of government do, don't do, and what branch they're in. None of the 'final rules' being issued or talked about have much of a chance of standing up against lawsuits. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, you can click here to review Senator Lankford's 'Pistol Brace Protection Act' in its entirety. You can also read the full press release from his official website about the new bill by clicking here. I'm very proud of Senator Lankford and love how he represents Oklahoma and defends our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

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John Wayne: An American Experience museum Ft. Worth, TX.

If you're a fan of the Duke you have to make the trip to Ft. Worth and visit the John Wayne: An American Experience museum. It's located in the Ft. Worth Stockyards at 2501 Rodeo Plaza. The gallery below isn't even close to half of what you'll see there. With 10,000 square feet and several rooms, the exhibit has everything from John Wayne's early childhood to his final days. You can get up close and personal with all the costumes, wardrobe, and props that John Wayne used in his films and throughout his career. Along with all the great displays throughout the exhibit, there are quotes from the Duke, interactive video and audio sections, and most, if not all of the walls are covered in photo murals and picture collages of the Duke.

The most unusual and beautiful Airbnb rental in Oklahoma

Check out the Silo at Lake Tenkiller. It has to be one of the most unusual and beautiful Airbnb rentals in Oklahoma. It's a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home located at Lake Tenkiller and yes it's a silo. It can comfortably sleep up to 6 people and comes with all the best creature comforts including a fire pit out back where you can kick back, relax and take in the view. Not only is this one of the most unusual rentals available on Airbnb in Oklahoma it's also one of the highest-rated. It currently boasts a solid 5 out of 5 stars and everyone who has stayed there have been very complimentary about how wonderful it is. This place looks amazing!

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