As Oklahoma attempts to clean up the devastation from the weekend, meteorologists are painting a dangerous outlook into the start of May.

While more hail and rain are headed through the Sooner State on Tuesday, Wednesday is shaping up similar to the past weekend according to the weather computer models.

Obviously, giving "special attention" is a polite way to say 'it could happen, or not, it's not clear just yet," that's the same tone weather professionals took with last Saturday's storms. It wasn't until last Friday that they really started pounding home the message of possible twisters and Oklahoma recorded 22 confirmed EF-rated events.

I know I've picked on meteorologists in the past for hyping the weather up, but this time of year is different. The Oklahoma Spring is a veritable Wild West, and when non-profits start warning of a dangerous outlook, no matter how calmly they say it, Oklahoma had better listen.

The biggest difference in the forecast for May 1st vs last weekend is the area they're predicting the biggest trouble.

As the weekend proved, the problem areas were mainly in the central portions of Oklahoma from border to border. At the moment, and I'm sure things will change by this evening, the predicted affected areas are those border to border in mainly Western Oklahoma.

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If you haven't yet, double-check your family tornado plan. Restock supplies and make sure everyone is on the same page that way you won't have to figure out the logistics in a moment of panic.

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