Earlier this week the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) published an article about Oklahoma legislators wanting to entice firearm and ammunition manufacturers to move to the Sooner State. The invitation would be for new and existing gun and ammo businesses that are considering relocating.

At this time lawmakers are conducting studies and forming committees to meet and discuss ways the state could attract more firearm-related businesses to move and set up in Oklahoma. There are several manufacturers at this time that are wanting to relocate to a more gun-friendly state.

Recently Smith & Wesson announced that they would be moving most of their manufacturing, operations, and headquarters to Maryville, Tennessee from Springfield, Massachusetts. They're making the move due to anti-gun legislation that would either prohibit or severely restrict the company's ability to manufacture certain firearms in Massachusetts. So they pulled up stakes and moved to Maryville, Tennessee.

Oklahoma is definitely a gun-friendly state and our elected officials recognize and uphold our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. Not only that Oklahoma is very business-friendly when compared to other states. Firearm manufactures would face far less red tape, hassle, and unnecessary intrusions.

It would be a great economic shot in the arm for Oklahoma to have some of these companies open up or relocate here. We'd be proud to have them and there's plenty of places they could build, including Lawton, OK. They would have the full support of the local and state governments and the citizens.

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