If you looked at all the tables as you walked through Texas Roadhouse, you'd notice that people order all sorts of different menu items for dinner.

Steaks, of course... but the chicken, shrimp, and pasta dinners are just as popular. While we could argue the merits of what is best at any given Roadhouse, the one item everyone agrees on is the humble and perfect signature roll and sweet butter.

I don't think I've ever met a person who doesn't absolutely destroy at least one of these little sweet rolls. When my family treats themselves to the Roadhouse, mom almost always orders an extra dozen to take home. (they make the best breakfast cinnamon toast the next day)

While they're still good the next day, they don't last long as leftovers, but I saw a blurb online about how Texas Roadhouse sells frozen rolls to take and bake for the holidays, only you have to know the secret to get them.

According to the TikTok that I saw and can't find again this morning, the week before Thanksgiving you can call or stop by your local Roadhouse and get your name on the secret frozen roll order list.

That's it. I've spent far too much time Googling a more clear and definitive answer, but that's all my search seems to come up with. Dozens of foodie bloggers describe the same thing. Call at the proper time, get on the list, and pick up in time for your event.

The minimum order is six rolls for $2.50, but you can order as many dozen as they'll allow at each participating location. They also come with plenty of their signature Texas Roadhouse honey butter.

Be the star of your Thanksgiving dinner by showing up with these fan favorites. Contact your local Roadhouse for details.

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