While we regularly grow bored with our normal internet routines, sometimes something will hop out and shock us.

The first day back at work after being sick, trying to pass the time since I won't be getting my noon o'clock nap in, I stumble across a question one Facebook user was brave enough to ask the others...

"What say you, do you wash chicken before you cook it?"

Initially, I'm rushed with this hilarious feeling. I'm watching a master troll going to work on social media, but it soon becomes a sinking feeling that it was, for all intents and purposes, a legit question to a community of people that actually wash their raw chicken prior to cooking it.

Every day we stray further from god.

Why are people washing their raw chicken before cooking it? Are we no longer trusting the ultra-stringent health codes put in place specifically to ensure a pure food supply?

I don't know about you, but I won't use Lawton municipal water for consumption. I won't drink it, I won't cook with it. Besides the smell, dead on for lake water, the water report that comes out annually isn't always inspiring that our water supply is safe.

I'm not saying it's not safe, I'm just saying I'm personally not comfortable drinking the same water the government talks about when they say "Don't eat the fish that come out of this water."

Quick link... While I can't seem to find anything on the water quality in Lawton from the .gov website, here's the most recent report on Lawton's water quality to be taken with a grain of salt... I find it hard to trust a water filter website on the quality of municipal water, but with some measurable contaminants well off the acceptable charts, it's hard for some to accept tap water as a viable drinking water source.

The way I see it, if the water isn't fit to drink, why would someone contaminate their sterile chicken with it?

What's next, rinse your steak and pork?

But all the same, you do you. It's a debate that will probably live on like the plastic vs wood cutting board argument.

I get it, the plastic cutting board seems like it would be a much more sterile surface to cut meat on... but wood cutting boards won't introduce micro-plastics into your food. Maybe a little cellulose and wood fiber, but natural materials are shockingly easy to digest and you can easily sterilize a wood cutting board. It's worked for millennia, when did it suddenly stop being OK?

If you really must wash your chicken before you cook it, do so in milk and eggs. Dry it off in a little flour if you must, or sprinkle with plenty of seasoning before sanitizing in a hot bath of oil. At least that's understandable.

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