Someone needs to buy this property and turn it into a diner, or burger joint. I cut through downtown this morning and passed by what I think was the old Lawton Housing Authority building. You know the one, it's got the train car set up out front. It's right across the street from C.L. Boyd Co Inc. and near the corner of Southeast 2nd street and Southeast F Ave. I love that old building and wish I had the means to buy it and transform it into a 50's style diner, it would make the coolest restaurant in town.

You see train car diners in movies and TV all the time, especially if they're set in New York or Los Angles. I went to Hollywood one time, years ago, and ate at a diner that was a train car. The back half was the kitchen and the rest was dinning. It's a famous restaurant and has some of the best burgers and hotdogs around. It's called Carney's Restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA. If you ever get a chance to eat there don't pass it up. I'd suggest the chili cheese burger it's incredible. Carney's is a really cool place to eat and you never know who's going to stop in. From celebrities to rock stars, everyone goes there and it's right there on the strip, or real close to it anyway.

I don't know why train car diners are a thing, or why I like them so much, but we could have one right here in Lawton. I mean the location might not be the very best, but it's in downtown somewhat close to the Central Mall and the new Public Safety Facility. After it's transformed into a diner maybe we can get something done with the Fairmont Creamery next. I'm thinking a music venue complete with bar and restaurant.

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