As a kid and even today I love making paper airplanes. I've spent hours and hours folding the perfect glider out of a single sheet of paper. I like coming up with new designs for stunts, distance and speed. Okay, so I'm a dork, so what! I'm also a big gun guy, I don't care what kind or type I love them all. So when I saw this video of an automatic paper airplane machine gun I was beyond excited. I'm geeked out!

This guy managed to build this little invention using 3-D printing technology and a regular drill. It folds the paper into an airplane and shoots it out the front. Pretty cool! We even get to see how it works. I'm hoping full plans or models will be available soon. I'm definitely getting one of these! Think of all the uses of an automatic paper airplane machine gun. Passing out fliers just gotr a whole lot easier!