Paul Rudd is the guest on Hot Ones this week... the hot wing interview challenge show... it's been on for eight seasons, you should be familiar... So normally, there's always a gut-instinct when you see who's participating.

Throw-Back: DJ Khalid looked like he was going to clean his plate, and it couldn't even handle the sriracha! Had to punch his man-card, and his career hasn't been the same since.

Back to Paul Rudd. The guy isn't a vegan, but he tries to be. He'll talk endlessly about his love of BBQ, but Hot Ones prepared some veggie wings for this interview. We've watched every celeb that has sat in that chair beg for mercy at some point... Looking at you Gordon 'Dainty Taste Buds' Ramsey... And others like Alton Brown just destroying the concept by putting on a crazy strong poker face. Paul Rudd not only won his personal challenge, but set a whole new bar for every guest that will follow. Not much in terms of whining, and no touchy-touchy with the milk and water. He just lays it out gangster.

On top of that, PRudd decides 'The Last Dab' needs to be taken to a whole new level, so he mixed up every sauce on the board, slathers that last wing, and rocks it like a boss.


Plus, he's one of the coolest human beings in the world. Nice as he can be, humble, and Hollywood's least likely to be on the #MeToo/Epstien hit list.

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