It's a solid logical premise... Raid Area 51, they can't stop us all... And honestly, if you have the numbers, they probably can't. Granted, there's no telling what kind of hardware they'd pull out of those hangars to rectify the boogaloo... but something tells me, they've got their chicken tendies on their side.

While it has made for some really solid memes these last two months, there's no telling how this whole thing is going to go down. Are there going to be legit Naruto runners hopping the imaginary boundary? Probably. Are they going to be taken down and prosecuted if they survive? Probably. There are tons of questions to be asked, the most important of them all... Are the post-raid memes gonna be the same fire the pre-raid memes have been? Or will they suddenly be "distasteful" in the wake of the most ridiculous self-inflicted tragedy we've seen since Baker Mayfield was to be the chosen one for the Browns?

The next 24 hours are crucial. I'd highly suggest you familiarize yourself with Reddit... because that's where all the good memes go first.

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