I forgot all about when the Longhorns mascot Bevo charged at Georgia's Uga.

In case you don't remember what happened at the Sugar Bowl in 2019, allow me to refresh your memory. About an hour before kickoff someone decided it would be a good idea to have the live mascots for the two schools meet. A longhorn and a bulldog. That's right, an animal that was bred to take down bulls, let's have him meet a longhorn. What could go wrong?

I think Bevo's animal instincts kicked in because he knows bulldogs latch onto bulls, at least back in the day. Maybe Bevo's ancestors sent him a message telling him to take that bulldog out. Bevo charged at Uga and the rest is history. What I never noticed in that video is the photographer who got stuck in between Bevo and Uga.

I thought everyone got out of the way, but you can see one of Bevo's horns hit a photographer right in the head. Nick Wagner was the photographer for the The Austin American-Statesman. He says since that incident he has suffered serious neck and back injuries.

He filed a lawsuit on Friday against The University of Texas at Austin. He's seeking one million dollars in damages.

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