Don't you just love it when karma pays someone back in spades? Well that's exactly what happened to this burglar who decided it would be a good ideal to break into someone's home in broad daylight.

This would be thief armed with a crowbar tried to break into a house and in broad daylight. The homeowner was there and captured the whole thing on video. He heard someone trying to get in, phoned the police then started videoing the action. I'm so glad he did! It shows in glorious detail what happens to home invaders when the cops show up. He was so determined to get it he wasn't paying any attention to what was going on around him. He paid for it with a baton beating and tackle!

It could have ended much worse, especially if this guy had pulled this stunt in the US. He might have a few holes in him! Maybe this will be enough for this guy to end his criminal career and pick a different vocation, this one's certainly not suited for him!

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